In Praise of J Journal

I was thrilled to receive an email a few weeks ago from Adam Berlin and Jeffrey Heiman, editors of J Journal, where my poem “Gibbous Reflection” was published in 2018. The email announced that J Journal—all 15 years of it—were now online. Though I’d been having a tough morning on my novel—really, feeling like a failure for being so far from finished—the reminder that I’d penned and published this poem brightened my day. Suddenly I was dreaming of a future in which my novel was done, and my poems, too, were brought together in a collection of some sort—perhaps organized by theme, perhaps in just a “Greatest Hits” kind of way. So I want to thank Adam, Jeffrey, and the entire J Journal team for publishing my work, and to thank them again for putting a smile on my face when the artist in me needed it most.