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Short story in Solstice

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I’m excited that my short story “The Old Man of The Promised Land” appears in the current edition of Solstice.

Thank you to Marjan Kamali—check out her new novel, The Stationary Shop—for a fantastic editor’s note!

I’m also thrilled to be included in an issue with Lynne Griffin, whose work I’ve long admired.

Poem forthcoming in Juked

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My long poem “Spinster, Recipe” is forthcoming in Juked. I’ll post links here when it goes live.

Poem in Spectral Lines: Poems about Scientists anthology

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I’m thrilled to share that my long poem “Alternatives to Spruce” is out in an anthology called Spectral Lines: Poems about Scientists. Thank you to Leah Angstman and everyone at Alternating Current Press for this opportunity. The poem’s ostensible subject is the legendary inventor Thomas Adams, but it also touches on Staten Island, Mexican general Santa Anna, and sprigs of spruce.

Short story in Valparaiso Fiction Review

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I’m excited to share that my short story, “Love in the 21st State,” is out in the Valparaiso Fiction Review. Thank you to Jon, Ed, Jessica, Mark, and everyone on the VPR team.

Short story in McSweeney’s

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My short story, “The Cobbler and the Acolyte,” was published in McSweeney’s No. 52. Along with several of the contributors, I participated in a reading at McNally Jackson Books in New York City.

Poem forthcoming in J Journal

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I’m excited to share that my poem, “Gibbous Reflection,” is slated to appear in the next edition of J Journal, due out December 2018.

Short story forthcoming in Valparaiso Fiction Review

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I first drafted this story more than 10 years ago, during a break from revisions of Zinsky the Obscure. Jonesing for some U.S. history, I picked up all three Shelby Foote Civil War books from the public library. Something in those readings prompted me to research the life of the younger Lincoln, from the perspective of those who knew him before he was famous. I’ll say no more about the story for now, but I look forward to sharing more details about it when it appears in December in the Valparaiso Fiction Review.