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“From the Faraway, Nearby” out in Pamplemousse

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“From the Faraway, Nearby,” my ekphrastic poem about a Georgia O’Keeffe painting of the same title, appears in the new issue of Pamplemousse. Thank you to Jensen Beach and the entire staff! (Note: The painting depicted here is not From the Faraway, Nearby. It’s another O’Keeffe painting called Series 1, No. 8, which is in the public domain.)

“The Survival Secrets of Spiders” out in Inkwell

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My poem “The Survival Secrets of Spiders” is out in Issue 35 of Inkwell. Thank you to Donna Miele and the entire staff!

Q&A in Scout Cambridge

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I was flattered to appear recently in a Q&A with Scout Cambridge/Scout Somerville). I was the first editor of this publication, and the current editor, Lilly Milman, interviewed me for a story about the magazine’s 10th anniversary. Thanks to Lilly for the attention, Sasha Pedro for photo, and Scout founder and publisher Holli Banks for her invaluable role in building what we launched together.

“Cylinder Seal” out in Tilde

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My poem “Cylinder Seal” appears in Issue 4 of Tilde. Thanks to Josh Dale and the entire staff at Thirty West.

“Spinster, Recipe” out in Juked

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My long poem “Spinster, Recipe” is out in Juked. Thank you to Michael Barach and the entire Juked team!

“A Heart Within Me” out in Tough

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My short story “A Heart Within Me” is out in Tough. Thank you to Rusty Barnes for the opportunity!

Short story in Solstice

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I’m excited that my short story “The Old Man of The Promised Land” appears in the current edition of Solstice.

Thank you to Marjan Kamali—check out her new novel, The Stationary Shop—for a fantastic editor’s note!

I’m also thrilled to be included in an issue with Lynne Griffin, whose work I’ve long admired.